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FREE digital student records and ePortfolios

Child-Link helps educators to effortlessly create personalised digital daybooks and ePortfolios on the go. Register now for your free account!

  • Effortless Personalised Records

    No more manually sorting photos, simply link students to images and observations as you make them and let Child-Link automatically generate a personal record for each child.

    Child-Link understands which Students are linked to which Image. This allows you to write just one Observation for a group, link any number of Images to it, and Child-Link will customise the Images displayed for each Student automatically! Saving educators valuable time and creating truely personalised records without the need to copy and paste!

  • Engage FamiliesIncrease guardian communication and engage families by presenting them with completely customised records relevant to their child.
  • Link to FrameworksOur Framework Modules allow you to create links to a number of different frameworks including Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), National Quality Standards (NQS) and My Time Our Place (MTOP).
  • Save TimeKeep track of planned Activities with our unique Activity Module. Record the details of anything you repeat regularly (e.g Books, Songs, Learning Experiences...) to save educators even more time.
  • Web basedNo software or apps required, all you need is a browser. Child-Link can be used with many modern web enabled devices, including iPhones and iPads.
  • CustomisableVisit our Module Marketplace to see our affordable modules which allow you to customise your Child-Link account and get even more out of Child-Link. New modules are being added all the time.
  • SecureAll your data is stored encrypted on secured servers, and all communication to the servers is locked down with industry standard SSL.


Not only have we saved a fortune in paper and colour printing costs, our parents love Child-Link. They can easily see what their child has been doing during the day without having to sift through photos and observations of other children. Our staff love it too, it is so easy to link children to photos and observations and quickly produce a well presented daybook and portfolio for each child.
Stephanie Kazacos Manager, Kaz Early Learning Centre
I have been trialling Child-Link in one of my centres, and getting some amazing feedback from our parents. They love to see the personalised content for their child. The educators find it easy to use and enjoy being able to take photos, make observations and have it produce a daybook without messing about printing and cutting everything out. It is definitely saving their time. I believe the ability to document the relevant EYLF and NQS elements will help with assessment in the future. The support we have received while learning to navigate the software has also been amazing. I'm looking forward to introducing it to another centre in the near future.
Anne-Maree Wulff Manager, Kamalei Children's Centre